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Passionate about technology, committed to create.

Volo Designs stands for durable and cost effective product designs.

Open-minded and with a no-nonsense approach, our most important code of conduct rule, is based on creativity, development and implementation. Slowly but steady, we are taking significant steps towards the vast jungle of open source technology.
We are here to learn, reinvent and exceed the limitations set in this industry.

Product development and prototyping.

When it comes to collaboration, Volo Designs is a very enthusiastic and open-minded company.
A good challenge will always drive us to exceed our limitations. We offer a wide range of consultancy services in various domains ranging from: manufacturing process management, purchase, marketing, financial to website and software development. Together with our own in-house prototyping ability,
we can deliver turn-key solutions at very competitive prices, making Volo Designs your one-stop-shop.

Green footprint, sustainable transport logistics.

As the world struggles with ecological problems, we fully empathize with mother earth. Creating green, energy efficient and durable products is our way of saying’’ thank you’’. Making them modular and open source, we ensure they are suitable for a wide range of applications and available for everyone to use. In order to reduce the environmental impact of transport logistics, we are able to commercialize our products on a global scale in a more efficient way. Not only, by planning implementation of moving goods and supplying services but also, by sharing our designs with your local manufacturers.

Are you a student or developer?

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